Meeting your new neighbors might not be at the top of your to-do list on any given day, but it is something you will likely need to do at some point. Instead of creating an uncomfortable situation for them and yourself, here are some easy suggestions to consider implementing for this social experience.

1) Offer a Friendly Greeting

A simple smile with a hello is often all that is necessary to meet people. Trying to juggle the chore of moving and all of the other issues that come with this task is enough of a challenge; offering a quick greeting can set up another meeting later.

2) Ask to Help

Instead of asking, “Is there some way I can help?” be specific with your request. If you can see that they have some heavy furniture to move, telling them that you can help with those items will often be greeted with gratitude.

3) Host a Welcome Party

Have a party at your place at a time that would generally work for most people. A casual get-together on a weekend afternoon for a couple of hours can put folks at ease while offering the chance at a good time. You might not get everyone there, but it is an opportunity to see a few new faces.

4) Drop Off a Gift

If you aren’t in the mood to meet someone new, offering a gift with a kind note works just as well as a smile and a hello.

5) Go Online

If you are anxious about meeting your neighbors in person, there may be on-line resources that would help. Many neighborhoods have a group page on websites like Nextdoor or Facebook. On these apps you can share news, events, and buy and sell items.

6) Let the pets break the ice

Strangers are more likely to initiate a conversion with someone out walking there dog, especially if they are a pet owner themselves. If you see a neighbor walking their pet or a pet in their yard with the owner you can use this as an opportunity to chat.

You could also start taking walks in your neighborhood, spend more time in your yard or common area, or begin a conversation by asking where the best place to eat in the community happens to be. That will make this process much more natural and you might even make a new friend.

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