You have just had a brand new hardwood floor laid in your home and now need to know how you can keep this stunning feature in the best possible shape and condition. Firstly, a hardwood floor has to be kept clean – and stopping dirt at the door is really important.

Grit often gets stuck to the soles of our shoes when we are out and about, but there will be those who will tell you they have not walked across any grass or muddy areas. Tiny particles of grit come from the road or sidewalks and are the worst enemy to your beautifully polished finish on the hardwood. Heels and soccer cleats are an absolute no-no and you could provide regular guests with a pair of complimentary sandals, should they not wish to walk around your home in bare feet.

Even though you may have managed to keep it clean at the door, you will still need to regularly clean the wood floor with a vacuum and wipe up any spills immediately after the accident has occurred. Water damage will warp the floorboards and ruin the finish.


Hard-edged table legs, chairs, and toenails on your dog are the biggest culprits when it comes to scratching your hardwood floor. Putting a felt pad on the bottom of all furniture legs and keeping Fido’s nails trim should do the trick.

Furniture Protection

Each time you push or pull the dining room chair from under the table, it will do some damage to the wood floor. But there are those that prefer a simpler solution in using self-adhesive padding to stick on every leg on the chairs and table. Entire furniture sets can be purchased from any hardware store.

Slip-on pads are specifically designed to fit over a chair or table leg. Often made from rubber or a soft plastic, these usually have more chance of staying on over time than the adhesive pads.

Sparkle the Finish

A dull-looking surface can be sharpened up by lightly sanding the hardwood and adding in two coats of polyurethane. You need only do this once every three years or so, to keep the finish looking in really great shape.

It is also important to avoid any chemical build-up on your floor. This can happen when the cleaning agent involves using oil soaps, wax, vinegar or ammonia-based products. Over time, excessive use of these agents will leave a hardwood floor looking drab and dull.